INCEPTION - Lead Compositing


Double Negative, 

This shot was done in Shake, I lead the fight sequence inside the hotel corridor. It must have been a total of 60 shots altogether. We had all junior roto and paint people to do this sequence as we couldn’t spare any compositors. They did the most amazing work ever, they ended up doing very complex paint work and comp work by the end of the project. Most of them have gone on to be junior compers after Inception and have done great comps in Captain America. All of them did an amazing job in Inception. Most of the shots had very intricate wires and harnesses which had to be removed. Multilayer 3d elements, 3d particles, complex tracking shots, set extensions, matte paintings, atmospheric effects, 2d effects, practical effects. We went on to win VES awards, the Bafta and the Oscar. A job very well done indeed.