CLOVERFIELD - Compositing


Double Negative,

Everyone was really excited about this project because it was the same director as Lost!. But when we saw the camera movements we looked at each other and breathed a few times.

It turned out a very complex show from a tracking point of view, but the fact that there was so much motion blur made other things easier and others more complicated. I ended up coming up with the look for the bridge sequence and my shot was the first one to be finalled which meant it became the template for the others.

There was a lot of paint work, keying and 3d Multilayer comping. 3d particles, complex tracking shots, set extensions, matte paintings, atmospheric effects, 2d effects, practical effects.

There were also a few very long, hand held shots where the actresses face needed to be cleaned up. Tracking here was intense. BUt the detailed work was fun. Time consuming but fun.