Astrid Busser Casas

+1 5149196050
Vancouver - British Columbia - Canada


I am a skilled DFX/Compositing supervisor working steadily for more than 20 years creating visual effects for film, TV and commercials.

Traveling and working around the world in places like Spain, Holland, UK, New Zealand, India, and Canada on projects such as Harry Potter, Inception, Alita, Godzilla, Avengers, Superman, Green Zone, Bourne Ultimatum, The Hobbit to name a few.

I have worked at VFX facilities such as Weta, DNEG, Framestore, The Mill, Scanline and VTR.

I work well with clients, bidding work, working across sites and remotely across time zones.

My work is characterized by a passion to solve problems, how to make something look good and realistic.

I am very professional, diplomatic and extremely resourceful. I adapt well through the ability to communicate, problem solve, manage time and people effectively, in order to deliver work within deadlines.

I am very hard working, highly flexible, motivated, cope extremely well under pressure and passionate about my work. I am willing to help others when needed. I have been praised by my peers and supervisors about my teaching others, my supervising and management skills.

I am confident that I have a thorough knowledge of compositing software and methods, very familiar with linux and Mac OS.

Professional experience

    Fuse FX Vancouver, CA

The Lakers - DFX supervisor (2023)

The Continental - DFX supervisor (2022)

The Orville - DFX supervisor (2022)

Scanline Montreal, CA

The Eternals - Compositing supervisor (2021)

Justice League - Compositing supervisor (2021)

DNEG Montreal, CA

The last Night in Soho - Compositing supervisor (2021)

DNEG Mumbai, IN

Avengers Endgame - DFX supervisor (2019)
Alita - Compositing supervisor (2018)
Godzilla - Compositing supervisor (2018)
2.0 - Compositing supervisor (2017)
Hurricane Heist - Compositing supervisor (2017)
The fate of the furious - Compositing supervisor (2016)

WETA Digital, Wellington, NZ

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The road Chip (2016)


Warcraft - Compositor (2016)
Clauvius - Compositor (2015)

WETA Digital, Wellington, NZ

The Hobbit : The Battle of the five armies - Compositor (2014)
Dawn of the planet of the apes - Compositor (2014)
Iron Man 3 - Compositor (2013)
The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug - Compositor (2013)
Man of steel - Compositor (2013)
The Hobbit : An unexpected journey - Compositor (2012)
The Avengers - Compositor (2012)

Double Negative, London, UK

JCOM - Compositor (2011)
The pirates, band of misfits - Compositing sequence lead (2011)
Captain America - Compositing sequence lead (2011)
Inception - Compositing sequence lead (2010)
Kick Ass - Compositing sequence lead (2009)
Greenzone - Compositing sequence lead (2008)
Hellboy 2 - Compositing sequence lead (2008)
Cloverfield - Compositing sequence lead (2007)
10000bc - Compositor (2007)
The Bourne Ultimatum - Compositing sequence lead (2007)
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix - Compositor (2006)

The Mill, London, UK

Dr Who - Compositor (2006)
Torchwood - Compositor (2006)
Sinchronicity - Compositor (2006)
The Sarah Jane Adventures - Compositor (2000)

Framestore, London, UK

Prehistoric Park - Compositor (2006)
Ocean Odyssey - Compositor (2006)

The Mill, London, UK

Elizabeth I - Compositor (2005)

Framestore, London, UK

Walking with Monsters - Compositor (2005)

The Mill, London, UK

Dr Who - Compositor (2005)
Genghis Khan - Compositor (2005)

MPC, London, UK

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban - Compositor (2004)
Alexander - Compositor (2004)
Alien Vs Predator - Compositor (2004)

VTR, London, UK

compositor – commercials and music videos

Daddy’s girl – Channel 4 (2003)
Peter Kay (2003)
Cristina Aguilera – Revolver films (2003)
Kingsmill – Publicis (2002)
Weetos – Bank Hoggins (2002)
Johnson & Johnson - Lowe (2002)
Loorna Doone - BBC (2001)
Bodacia – BBC (2001)
Spice Girls, Holler (2000)


Nuke, Shake, Boujou, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere pro, After effects, Final cut pro, Windows, OSX, Linux, Unix, Knowledge of Maya and Combustion.


Bournemouth University, England, MA, Digital Special effects
University of Breda for Arts, ABK St Joost, Holland , BA, Film and Television
Runnymede College, Madrid, Spain , A levels
ISSE, Eindhoven, Holland , O levels


Languages : English, Spanish and Dutch
Communication skills: Listening, constructive criticism, Verbal expression, Concept Visualization, Team leadership and membership.
VFX skills: DFX supervisor, Compositing supervisor, Compositing lead, compositing, VFX design, VFX breakdown and bidding.

Workshops / Conferences

I have given conferences and talks about VFX in:
London - The making of Inception (together with Paul Franklin).
Spain - Navarra University (The art of invisible effects).
Spain - VFX Film festival: Mundos digitales in La coruna. Representing DNEG as a recruiter and talking about DNEG and their work.


VFX Compositor en Weta Digital
Efectos especiales: la magia hecha realidad
Unos buenos efectos especiales nunca podrán salvar una mala película
The Foundry
Seminario de Efectos Digitales
Nunca podrán salvar una mala película

Awards & memberships

VES award: outstanding compositing for inception - 2011

Inception Team
Awards list
VES award ceremony images
Award ceremony video
Dneg awards photo shoot VES/BAFTA/OSCAR

Membership – Co-chairman events for the visual effects society In London for 6 years.
As part of the VES Events Committee for the UK, I together with other volunteers, organized screenings / Q&A's for Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Transformers 2, Star Trek, District 9, UP, 9, Franklyn, Where the wild things are, How to Train your dragon, Inception and many with more.
From finding sponsorship, getting and maintaining contacts with distributors - obtaining prints (film or digital) - finding / booking venues - liaising with projectionists - sending invitations as well as welcoming members.



I am very passionate about photography.

In my spare time together with my husband and during our many world travels, we love taking pictures.

We organize exhibitions together when possible.

We organized an exhibition in 2012 at the Royal Geographic Society of all my husband's photographs from Africa, while he was working for a humanitarian organization, IOM.

We also decorated a Restaurant in Wellington with all our photographs from around the world in 2013.

I love to take my camera everywhere I go.